Review: Love Bomb by Jenny McLachlan

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Left Behind Letters and Mates Before Dates

Betty Plum is a little inexperienced when it comes to love. Then all of a sudden, a gorgeous boy enters her life and she wonders if this is ‘it’. Normally, this is the sort of thing you might turn to your mum for advice about, but unfortunately Betty’s mum died when she was very young. But when Betty reads her last Birthday letter ever (written by her mum before she died) she discovers that her mum has one more surprise left for her.

After reading and enjoying Jenny’s debut novel, Flirty Dancing, I knew Love Bomb was probably going to be just as addictive.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Both books have been read cover to cover in a single sitting and I even found myself talking aloud to the characters in the book, trying to offer them advice! (They didn’t take it.)

The letters from Betty’s mum are one of the most emotional parts of this book and there are moments that will definitely bring you close to tears. Intertwined with Betty’s own love story, is the story of how her mum and dad fell in love and her mum’s romantic history before she met Betty’s dad. Her mum’s letters also help Betty to accept that at some point, her dad has to move on with his own life.

It must be a common teenage memory for us all – the boys we idolised and obsessed over weren’t as great as we thought they were. This book will take you right back there, hence my crazy-person talking out loud to Betty. However, once Betty is through all of the dilemmas and romantic hiccups and finally sees things as they really are, a happy ending is just around the corner!

Being a guitarist in a band myself who started out at secondary school, I thought it was great that there was a girl who played guitar in this book and that school bands were featured. Hopefully this will inspire readers of a secondary school age (and perhaps even older!) to pick up instruments and experience Betty’s world for themselves.

Love Bomb is not only a great read for those at secondary school who can directly relate to the story, it’s also a brilliant read for a more grown up audience who would enjoy being taken back to their school days, and enjoy that feeling of first love all over again.

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