Cosy Mysteries

  • Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries

    When the penguin keeper is found dead at the bottom of the penguin pool, zookeeper Madigan Amos is determined to find out what happened to him… even if it means apprehending armed intruders, getting caught in the middle of a terrorist attack, and sparring with a machete wielding murderer.

The Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries
  • Emily Haversson Cosy Mystery Series

    Historical researcher, Emily Haversson, and Mr Bumble (the cat) are at heritage site, Larch Hall, to go through some old records. They’ve only been there a day, when Emily discovers an old love letter which contains cryptic clues to a ‘legacy of love’ buried in the garden at Larch Hall.

The Emily Haversson Series
  • Holly Winter Cosy Mystery Series

    Getting snowed in with six private detectives in a remote house in Scotland is actually the stuff of Holly’s daydreams. An enthusiastic amateur sleuth herself, she is thrilled to have won the chance to attend the annual meeting of the best private detectives in the country.

    But before they even have a chance to start dinner, one detective is found dead with a knife in his chest and the killings have only just begun.

The Holly Winter Series
  • Hayley Argent Cosy Mystery Series

    A summer storm, a riderless horse, and a competition someone will do anything to win…

    A gelding named Hadrian has been driven mad by a storm. Now it’s down to Hayley Argent, horse psychologist, to see if he can be cured. It doesn’t take Hayley long to realise she hasn’t been told the whole truth about Hadrian’s accident.

The Hayley Argent Series

Romance/Cosy Mystery

  • Blooming Series

    What do you do when the future isn’t a bed of roses?

    Lydia has spent three years of her life working on what now seems to be a worthless degree. Every job she applies for needs years of work experience and she has precisely none. The only spark of hope comes when her boyfriend, Jake, manages to land her a role as a gardening volunteer at Heathley Park and Gardens, but when she meets the head gardener, Scott, her hopes are crushed.

The Blooming Series

Paranormal Mystery

  • Death’s Series

    What would you do if someone knew your darkest secret?

    January Chevalier hates being back in Hailfield.

    Her younger sister, Jo, has been spotted hanging around Witchwood’s vampire population and their parents are sure she’s getting herself into trouble. But when January tries to intervene, Jo gallops off in a cloud of dust. Literally.

    Now all she wants to do is play bass guitar, bake cakes, and find her sister again, but trouble always seems to find her.

The Death’s Series

New/Young Adult

  • Song Stealer Series

    He stole her songs, her fame, and her heart. Now it’s time to get even..

    Georgia Caine is a liar.

    She’s been having guitar lessons with Alex Harris for a whole year, hoping that while she stumbles over three-chord progressions, he’ll somehow fall for a shy girl like her. What Alex doesn’t know is that Georgia is a better player than he is. She’s the lead guitarist for Rebel Rockets, a rifftastic rock band. When Alex and Georgia’s mutual friend Liam gives Georgia an ultimatum, she finally comes clean. But when Alex finds out the truth, he decides to get even.

The Song Stealer Series